Wobwobwee, a forest allotment inhabitant

Behold another creature from Allotment 1

The Secret Theatre Society (#secthesoc)

We, of the Secret Theatre Society, are planning to 'stage' fabulous plays on Twitter

We will gather every second Sunday of the month at 5pm GMT and play until around 9pm GMT on Monday.
The play will be chosen by a public poll beforehand and announced on Twitter.
This week's play is Twelfth Night.
To play use use two hashtags in your tweet, one for the game (#secthesoc) and one for the character

#Viola: Meh. Illyria looks so boring. #secthesoc
(Except you will probably be a bit more creative than that!)
Also you can reply to another person's tweet, creating a dialogue. 

Combo tweets are welcome as long as they are OK with the hosts of the other hashtags. Gifs, pictures, and other non-verbal responses to the theme are also OK. 

Our next gathering is on 13 October.

Join us. Let's do great things!


This is an important creature, recently spotted by Tamsin S.
Head over to Allotment 1to see him in the wild.


Note: This one is obviously an  Allotment 1 creature.

Filament (and Flame)

Note: And if you're wondering where you can try to catch them, head over to Allotment 1


Note: This specimen can be found in Allotment 1