Midnight Crone's Mediterranean Style Pita

   This week's recipe is by  Stephanie (@Midnight Crone) and it is a wonderful warm pita with yummy things inside.  Midnight Crone's Mediterranean Style Pita Cook One medium eggplant(use zucchini as an alternative) Two Roma tomatoes One medium bulb roasted garlic cloves Olive oil(approx. 3 Tablespoons/45 grams) Balsamic vinegar(about 1 teaspoon/5 grams) Oregano(to taste) 1/2 small red cabbage(finer shred cooks faster) half of a small can of crushed black olives(optional) Sprinkle of other spices/blends such as paprika, cinnamon, coriander. Make a small mixture and use sparingly, tasting as you season.(optional) Do not cook (unless you prefer baking your own pita bread) 3 wheat pita bread slices(or gluten free alternative) 1 cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese(or dairy free alternative, preferably one that melts at least a little) Slice eggplant in french fry size strips. I prefer to remove a majority of the purple skin. Basically, because I don't know how to cook it with the

Seasoned Soy Beansprouts (kongnamul muchim)

 This week's recipe is by Isabella Mori (@moritherapy) and it's Seasoned Soy Beansprouts.  Watch this space for a doodle.   And here are some more details about the project (it's hopefully going to be a book, provisional title is   Cooking With Humans    Freshly steamed, well made sticky Asian rice is a pleasure to behold. Hold your nose over the steam and take in the subtle, sweet fragrance. Take the bowl in one hand, the chopsticks in the other and feel the gentle resistance of the little round kernels, each one a delicacy in itself, yet held together with their glutinous bond. Feel the hot, subtly sweet stickiness dissolve in your mouth … oh … And then you top it with a bit of banchan – kimchi (pickled vegetables – usually at the restaurant it’s spicy pickled cabbage,) gamja jorim (cold sweetened braised potatoes,) kongnamul muchim (seasoned soy bean sprouts,) or wakame (seaweed,) to name just a few of the delicacies. Here is the recipe for kongnamul muchim (seasoned s

Kovakkai Stir Fry

 This week's recipe is by Ganesh Kadamur (@iamgkadam) and it's a Stir Fried Ivy Gourd. And here are some more details about the project (it's hopefully going to be a book, provisional title is Cooking With Humans    Kovakkai (in Tamil; i've seen it called tindora in the US) stir fry. Small slivers soaked in salt and chilli powder, then water removed by wringing before stir frying to crispness with minimal tadka of oil+mustard. Amma's recipe, no shop's ever gonna make that. Yum

Raw Salads in the Wild Thicket

Thsi week's duo of recipes is from Kyla Houbolt (GreenwayPot, OwlofyourDreams, @luaz_poet). More info on the project: Lately I have been craving raw salads, and yes they do hum! First I will share a fruit salad that fills me with delight and is so simple: (for one person): One half large orange, sectioned and each section cut in thirds. One half similar sized apple, peeled, cut in bite sized pieces. One whole banana, cut into slices. Mix all in a nice bowl and sprinkle raw pumpkin seeds (hulled of course!) on top. Eat with a fork to spear the tasty fruit pieces! A raw vegetable salad that has satisfied me greatly these recent days: Butter lettuce torn in pieces, about a cup or a bit more. Baby spinach chopped in sightly smaller pieces, maybe 3/4 cup? To taste: red bell pepper, small chop; green onion (one) small chop; one good sized mushroom, washed and sliced. Olive oil, salt, healthy squeeze of fresh le

A Bean Dish to Keep the Creatures Happy

I was delighted when Mike Olley  (@mike_olley)  sent me this recipe; autumn is coming to the Thicket and big hearty dishes are needed. The chorizo used here is a veggie version.  Send comments and recipe inspired tweetrature this way.  More info on the project including details on submissions:  3x tin Bean & Chorizo Casserole donated by Mike Olley (Feeds 4, or 3, if one of you is a piggy.) Here y'go @roppotucha. My Nanna swore by this recipe, which is probably why her Channel 4 cooking show was cancelled. Slice a red onion, you choose: coarse or fine. Garlic (optional) 2x cloves chopped; remember a clove is a segment of the larger bulb. Use a wok pan & fry slowly on medium heat until soft. Add 1x heaped tsp of smoked paprika spice and half a tube of tomato puree. Stir for 2 mins. Pick these tins fresh from the supermarket shelves: 1x Chick Peas (drained), 1x Cannellini beans (drained), 1x chopp

Love and Tomatoes: a Thicket Feast/ Cooking with Humans Recipe

This week's recipe has been generouslly contributed by Kim Warner (@ VancIslandology).    Enjoy the recipe, and let us know if you try it.  Send us poems inspired by dish.  And, if you'd like to contribute a recipe for the book, have a look here: This sauce is a family favourite, made every fall, and always part of special occasions at our home. It can be used with pasta, zucchini or other vegetable noodles, or pizza crusts. Part of the adventure in making the sauce is the trip to the local farmer’s market to find the perfect basket of  tomatoes , onions, garlic, and herbs. Have the creatures ever visited a farmer’s market? Pre-script: The secret ingredient is love. Didn’t feel it necessary to include this ingredient as we believe everything the creatures do is with an abundance of love. Roasted  Tomato  Sauce Time: About 3 hours Yield: About 4 -6 cups Ingredients: ·         20 Roma or plum  tomatoes ,

Teens and their Mothers (A Fairy-Tale)

Below is a rather dark flash story originally published in  in  Riggwelter Press 29 (Septemeber  2020)   Teens and their Mothers (A Fairy-tale) Roppotucha Greenberg Coach said we had to go to the forest to exorcise our demons. We picked up our water flasks, anoraks with extra folds for the beings growing between our shoulder blades, and first-aid kits. ‘At night’, he said, ‘your mothers will try to break into the tents; don’t let them tear the demons out of your flesh. They leave horrible wounds.’ There was barbed wire and motion detectors to prevent mothers bursting in. Curfew was at 9. My limbs stopped functioning. My feet landed at an angle, and the sides of my feet hurt. My jeans were too tight, and the seam cut into my body when I sat down. My demon was complex. It spread and fed out of the beaks hanging out at the ends of my arms. I didn’t want to get rid of him. Coach said: ‘In the old days, people couldn’t see demons. Didn’t believe the evidence. Now we know how to ferment